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Our awesome group of advisors representing the generation we are building for. 

Basim Ali

16, Karachi Grammar School

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Maha  Aijaz

15, O Levels - Cedar School

Travel Enthusiast, Loves K-Pop and Spicy Ramen

Basim Ali

16, A Levels - Karachi Grammar School

Loves reading, writing and public speaking

Asmaa Arif

15, O Levels - Beaconhouse School

Artist, Entrepreneur & Foodie

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Nabhaan Umer

17, A Levels - Karachi Grammar School

Car Enthusiast, Financial Literacy Advocate

Oneeb Balkhi

16, A Levels - Nixor College

Tech Enthusiast, Loves Coding & Robotics


Inaaya Imran

14, O Levels - Nixor School

Avid reader, Enjoys writing, Plays Violin

Moosa Imran

13, O Levels - Nixor School

Sports addict, Video Gaming, Plays Guitar

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Khizer Malik.jpeg

Khizer Malik

17, A Levels - Lahore Grammar School

Loves Cricket &  everything Tech related, Enjoys meeting new people

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