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Gen Z & Money 2022 - First-hand insights from Pakistani families with Gen Z children

Our first annual report on Gen Z & Money is finally out – and it has some mind-blowing insights 🤯. Pakistani families with Gen Z kids and teenagers have spoken and we have all the scoop for you:

You can access the complete report here.

Gen Z in Pakistan

There are over 100 Mn+ Gen Zers in Pakistan digitally connected and ready to take on the world 💪. However, they are still stuck with cash 💰with no digital customized experiences to understand and interact with money.


On-demand allowance is the norm and holidays like Eid and Christmas are great for the wallet 🤑. When it comes to Pocket Money, Gen Zers in Pakistan receive the lowest amount of monthly pocket money - $20 or less compared to several regional and global counterparts.

Gen Zers spend up to PKR 5,500 per month giving them total potential discretionary spending power of over PKR 4.0 Trn ($19 Bn) 🔥🔥. Food Delivery is where most of the money goes 🍕🍔🍟 and it makes all the sense to us 😆 because food is life for all ages.

Part-time work and internships specifically for Gen Z teenagers are not a norm in Pakistan and this is partly because there aren’t many opportunities available for teenagers to do a side-hustle. In the US,

Gen Zers earn up to $70 Bn through working part-time and many other countries have started introducing labor reforms to allow teenagers to engage in part-time work, the recent reforms in the UAE are an example of this 🇦🇪. We need to normalize part-time work for teenagers in Pakistan, which is why GenMo’s first-of-its-kind internship program for teenagers met with such a massive success. We will continue to lead this effort in Pakistan for teenagers 💪.

Access the complete report here.


Contrary to popular belief, Gen Zers are thrifty spenders who have mastered the art of delayed gratification. Their choice of saving tools however is so not Gen Z as most of them rely on traditional methods such as Money Jars/Gullack and saving through parents. This is more to do with the lack of digital opportunities than their own preference 💵 📲.

Access the complete report here.


Almost all parents agreed that it is absolutely important to teach children about money management and they have the biggest responsibility to do so. However, they also declared many challenges in providing financial education to their children at home. The majority of the Parents did agree that the best way for children to understand money is through practice 💳📱.

Access the complete report here.

How can GenMo help you in raising money-smart children?

GenMo is building a financial education app for families with a card for kids and teens to help them learn about spending, saving, earning, and investing money.

Kids and Teens can take more responsibility for their money and benefit from their money app and card. They can also learn about money through in-app gamified learning content 👾🕹.

Parents for the first time can introduce their children to money safely with their oversight. GenMo will empower parents to stay on top of their children’s money activity digitally without the hassle.

We are launching soon, if you haven’t joined our waitlist yet click here and register your interest to get access to all the features on our launch day!

We believe financial education is the right of every child because being able to handle your money is an essential life skill. To fulfill this dream, GenMo is on a mission to increase financial literacy and inclusion amongst the next generation of Pakistanis. Let’s teach our children what nobody taught us. Come join us in this mission and become a part of the GenMo Fam! 🇵🇰💵🚀.

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